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Poraj Palace

Restaurant and rooms

Poraj Palace

Poraj Palace invites you to the heart of the small village, where the ubiquitous nature teeming with life, and calls to its world. Hidden among the woods and tall grasses fascinates over a hundred years.

Currently Poraj Palace is a perfect composition of style, comfort and a friendly atmosphere - surrounded by a 8.5 hectare park with three ponds and an island.


Nearby farms are Pomeranian forests with wild fisheries, meadows of wandering storks, rich in fish river ŁebaIt's close from here to Łeba, Rowy, Smołdzino, Kluki and Ustka. It's the perfect place to meet tourist values of the Middle Pomerania. We are not exposed to meet crowds in the seaside resorts.

Awarded to Pałac Poraj9,2 / 10

In recognition of providing our guests with an unforgettable experience and a high level of service, we were awarded the Traveller Review Awards 2022 with a very high score of 9.2 points out of 10! We would like to thank our partner and, above all, our esteemed guests whose satisfaction, expressed in concrete feedback helped us to receive this prestigious award.

A bit of history...

We are in a historical place, where before World War II - since 1901 was a Research Peat Institute. It was an academic institution where numerous courses were conducted for owners of estates, students and teachers - promoting broad possibilities of using peat.

It's over a century old history, concealed in the walls of the old house, where he is currently among the all-encompassing green grass and old trees - gives a special conditions to rest. The spacious surroundings takes us to a world untouched by the passage of time, giving respite and the opportunity to stop for a moment in everyday life.

Poraj Palace


Poraj is a small Kashubian settlement located in the buffer zone of the Słowiński National Park (famous for its sandy beaches, coastal lakes, unspoiled nature and unique moving dunes) on the one hand, and the area of protection of Natura 2000 on the other.

Poraj is being quiet an interesting alternative to the crowded pedestrian area in Łeba. Place an extremely attractive in terms of nature.

There is nothing else like coming to this very secluded village.

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